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Complimentary Consultation

Our job as professionals is to exceed your expectations…

For time, untold body treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.

These treatments detoxify the body, de-stress your mind and delight the senses.

Salt Body Polish

Fine salt crystals are gently massaged into the body to exfoliate dead skin cells. A moisturizer leaving the guest with supple, glowing skin follows the scrub.

The Healthy Glow

This is an advanced technique for having a beautiful tan, without the harmful effects of sun exposure. This treatment includes exfoliation of dry skin, self-tanning application and a gentle toning for a luxurious finale.

Paraffin Body Treatment

Wonderful for anyone who has dry skin or wants to pamper themselves. Designed to give a burst of moisture to the skin leaving it silky smooth and hydrated. Starting with a gentle exfoliation infused with essential oils that removes dry skin, followed by a paraffin application and moisturizing massage.

Add-on Treatments

Our guests will have the possibility to add any of the following treatments to complement any of our full-length massages or facials for optimal results.

Healthy Eyes

Illuminate tired eyes. A dramatically effective treatment that utilizes high concentrations of marine seaweed to help improve toxin drainage from the eye contour area. As a result, puffiness is reduced and the appearance of dark circles is diminished. In addition, there is a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and restored moisture and elasticity.

Lip Smoothing

Ease the signs of aging from these delicate areas. An intensive repair treatment formulated to restore firmness around the delicate lip areas. This anti-wrinkle treatment infuses amino acids of collagen and elastin, directly into the skin. The result is a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and restored moisture and elasticity.

Glycolic Peel Treatment

Have smoother, younger looking skin with the power of glycolic. These treatments are designed to minimize the look of aging, bringing fresher and younger skin cells forward and even the tone and texture of the skin. This treatment is a perfect complement to a facial.

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