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Complimentary Consultation

Our job as professionals is to exceed your expectations…

Kick start healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Under our guidance, this program will help guests lose weight through nutrition, fitness, and alternative medicine.

A healthy weight is a weight that lowers your risk for health problems. For most people, body mass index (BMI) and waist size are good ways to tell if they are at a healthy weight.

But reaching a healthy weight isn’t just about reaching a certain number on the scale or a certain BMI. Having healthy eating and exercise habits is very important.

If you want to get to a healthy weight and stay there, healthy lifestyle changes will work better than dieting. Reaching a certain number on the scale is not as important as having a healthy lifestyle.

Why pay attention to your weight?

Staying at a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your health. It can help prevent serious health problems, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea

But weight is only one part of your health. Even if you carry some extra weight, eating healthy foods and being more active can help you feel better, have more energy, and lower your risk for diseases.

Age Less specializes in medical weight loss. If you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight, we can help you with one of our effective programs.

Prescription Drug Program: These programs involve the use of FDA-approved prescription diet pills to curb the appetite and jump-start the weight loss process. The programs also include individualized counseling and exercise components.

hCG Diet Program: hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is administered by either injection, nose spray or cream to allow your hypothalamus to function at a higher capacity and access abnormal fat it usually cannot access during dieting.  This glycoprotein allows you to burn between 2500-4000 calories per day with an intake of only 500 calories per day without hunger, loss of energy, or need for exercise.  Patients lose 1-2 lbs per day without hunger and hCG allows patients to lose more fat tissue directly, causing visible contouring of the body while resetting the hypothalamus. This program is designed for long lasting results.

Low Calorie Program: Age Less Wellness tailors each low-calorie diet to the patient’s specific metabolism and aims efforts at rapid weight loss.

Modified Program: This is a custom designed plan with many options available. Based on a number of factors, The Age Less Wellness medical staff will decide on which modified program will fit your individual medical and financial needs and how quickly you want to reach your goals. Plans include Glycemic Index, High Protein, and other metabolic rate weight loss programs.

Our greatest goal is helping you institute lifestyle changes that enable you to keep the new, healthier body you’ve achieved with our weight loss program. Detailed, individualized nutrition counseling, supplements, and exercise habits are all part of the consultations in the maintenance phase of each program.

Safe and Comfortable HCG Diet Explained….

  1. Expected result: An average of 1 pound per day weight loss is expected. Depending upon the length of a treatment course, total weight loss should equal 26-40 pounds per treatment course.
  2. Is there a limit on how much fat I can lose? Can I lose too much fat? The maximum amount of fat loss is based upon the individual’s calculated “ideal” body weight. The HCG will prevent the amount of weight loss to exceed the ideal body weight.
  3. How is it done? The program consists of a series of daily intramuscular HCG injections combined with a specifically designed balanced high protein-low carbohydrate-low calorie (VLCD) dietary plan.
  4. How long does each treatment course last? Depending upon the calculated required weight loss, each treatment course will last for 26-43 days.
  5. How many treatment courses are required? It depends on the amount of calculated required weight loss.
  6. How long would the results last? It is expected that with adherence to a normal dietary plan, the resultant weight loss to be maintained for years. As a general rule, 60%-70% of the patients experience little or no difficulty in holding their weight permanently. Pregnancy or the menopause may annul the effect of a previous treatment.
  7. Are appetite suppressants or diet pills used in this program? No appetite suppressant or diet pills are used in this program.
  8. What are the side-effects of HCG injections? HCG injections do not have any side-effects. During the first few days of treatment, the patient may occasionally suffer from a mild headache.
  9. Can it be used during pregnancy or while nursing? No. The same rule applies for women who are trying to become pregnant.
  10. Would it have an impact on my menstrual cycle? No. In a majority of cases, except for very young girls, there would not be any change in the regular menstrual cycles.
  11. Would I crave for food? Would I suffer? No food craving and/or pain and suffering are expected in this plan.
  12. Would I look gaunt? No. Under the influence of the HCG, only the abnormal fat storage reserves are metabolized and the normal fat, located under the skin and face would hardly be affected.
  13. Would I be able to get rid of my “trouble” areas? Yes. The bulk of the abnormal fat storage reserves are located in the hips, buttocks, thighs, arms and lower belly (in women) and arms and belly (in men). The HCG weight management program “reshapes” the body.
  14. Is there any downtime? Would I be tired? Can I go to work or perform my daily activities? There is no downtime. Program participants do not need to change their daily work and leisure habits.
  15. Do I need to join a workout program? Although working out, as a part of healthy living is encouraged, it is not required in this program.
  16. What effects does the HCG weight management program have on other medical diseases? It is expected that either indirectly as the result of the weight loss or direct impact of HCG on various metabolic functions the following medical diseases to improve or completely normalize:
    • Blood sugar levels & diabetes
    • Serum cholesterol levels
    • Elevated blood pressure
    • Joint pains and back pains
  17. What do I need to do to enter this program? Prior to entering the program, the patient must undergo the following processes: During the initial consultation, an HCG weight management program specialist will evaluate you as a candidate to enter the program. If you are considered to be a candidate, you will need to undergo a complete physical examination and a battery of tests and to be “medically cleared” by a physician. You will undergo a one on one educational course and will be advised about the details of the program.
  18. Is this a fad diet? No. This is not a fad diet. Although relatively new in U.S., the HCG weight management program has been successfully used in Europe since the mid-1960s.
  19. Can I go ahead and buy the medication on the internet and start treating myself? The HCG weight management program is a very calculated scientific approach to the issue of obesity and should be managed under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Unsupervised plans may result in unwanted complications and is not an advisable approach. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG acts exclusively on the brain centers that control human body fat storage capabilities. It also works on centers that affect the appetite.

HCG is a natural hormone that is found in the human body only during pregnancy.

HCG that is used for weight management is a natural compound that is produced in the laboratories from sterile cells. It is not extracted from the urine of pregnant women or from other primates.

HCG is not a sex hormone. It has no effect on normally developed and functioning sex glands in both men and women. It does not increase or decrease the sex drive and function. Men Do not grow breasts or become feminized. Women do not grow a beard or develop a gruff voice.

HCG is not a growth hormone, unlike human growth hormone (HGH) or anabolic male hormones (testosterone or “andro”). It does not increase muscle mass.

Slow weight retention over the years, typically is a direct result of your body’s hormonal imbalances. HCG dieters are instructed to cut their daily intake of calories to 500 a day, after the third day. This is much easier than it sounds. Once the HCG becomes active in a dieter’s body, its release of long-stored fat provides the body with the calories it needs to burn to get through a day. The food consumed while on the diet is high in protein and low in starches, carbohydrates and fat causing the body to pull from its own stores. As long as fat deposits are being released for use, the 500 daily calories being ingested is enough to sustain the dieter without the crazy hunger pains one would normally experience on a 500-calorie diet.

How the Phentermine Program Succeeds

Oral phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL) is used for weight loss. It is an appetite suppressant (used for the short-term management of weight loss.)When used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and behavior therapy, phentermine may help you to lose weight while you are learning new ways to eat and exercise

Medical supervision

Utilizes the expertise of medical staff to help you lose weight safely.

Lifestyle education

To help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.


Individual counseling by experts who understand your challenges.

Ongoing personalized support

Included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.

How does Phentermine work?

Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite.

The hypothalamus is the region of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, regulating sleep cycles, body temperature, appetite, etc.

Jumpstart your weight loss plan with Prescription Weight Loss, where medication is prescribed and monitored by the doctor. We offer a variety of options for Prescription Weight Loss. This program is used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and appetite suppressants to help you reach your short-term weight loss goals.

Phentermine should NOT be used as a substitute for proper diet or exercise. For maximum effects, it must be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and/or exercise.

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